Haunting Poems

Love, Andrew et 1 John 3 v18

In This Lord's Green and Pleasant Land
There Lies Hidden
A dark despairing
quenched - drowning soul
in Suffocating Earth.

Therein orgasmic stirrings and
organic numb - skulling movements disperse
Gently trickling whilst
Astral sprinkling hovers flying over nipping buds
in this Lord's green and pleasant land

Railway mission troops
swing and rally forth amidst
Ethereal Rocking
Penetrating Blood
Oozing the quenched drowning despairing soul
in this suffocating lord's green and pleasant land

Within unburdening these secret walls
Lies the seemingly impossible.........
Slaying the anger - anguish
Slashing the bleeding frustration
Sewing the needling pain and
Shooting the whirl of despair

Tender pressurising hands do
irksome ripping shredding and pulling
in the core of a far away soul
in this dark damp suffocating earth

Delicate sharp unshed tears
As streams of knives
Inch their cutting way
Into this bleeding delicate burning heart
Slicing the vials of anger - anguish
Delving through fields of furious frustration

External Earth Invasions
Permeate forlorness
A smile
A handshake
A trickle of laughter
The Clockwork Get Togethers
March solidlly like Roman Numerals
and Centurions tick, tock, tick tock
Whilst despair lingers caught in a web imprisoned

The Abyss opens.....
and the discontented disconnected drowning soul whirls
in wasteland fears and devastated years
firing arrows and drumming strumming lightening spears
skylines feel and gears whisk
Behold the pain scorched n' burining
Behold the flowering passion
Their ghostly tingling slippery cloak, shimmering, sparkling
flowing from the solar - lunar scape in
Mingling tingling with silken skinscapes
and interlocking spirits.