Haunting Poems

Fulgere Memoria Sanctum

Oh joy of joys
Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons - Yummy
Their little shiny purple bag slithering with Humpty Dumpty or
Hickory Dickory dock.....Wow! All for me...Really?

Then i gaze up to your face as you place them in my hands
I open them full of disbelief
I don't know why
Should i eat them
Can i eat them
Are they really for me?
But it's Chocolate I Love
So you pop them in my mouth
sealing them with wicked lips
evil stealing in my mouth
My Chocolate....HELP....IT'S MY CHOCOLATE....stolen

Camera Camera
Like a camera shot - all distorted
segmented pictures in my mind
Flashbacks - Why?
Why not whole picture memories?
Why Why Why like distorted segmented camera shots filmed and
printed in my mind - Why not whole?

I don't see
I can't see - Why?
But I see
your face
But Why Can't I see
All your strange big woman body
you're too big and I'm too little
your hands and my little 5 year old hands

All I see
I see is eye level
your vagina
your hands
my hands
my vagina
your breasts take me to audio, I hear it doesn't care
your voice ordering me
When i fail, it gets angry
I'm not strong enough
I can't do it
Where's my bodily strength?
I'm only little - can't you see
I'm tired

My mind's camera shots - it's my eye level
Pictures segmemted
not all of you....get it?
you're too big, I'm too little

It's my mind's camera eye
all it
your vagina
your hands
your pubic hair
my hands
my vagina
your breasts
your voice telling me off....God and Police coming to get
me.....trouble dooms looms loud like clapping thunder
Scared....me I'm

Your Power
My Life
your hands
like knives
your hands your fingers
like knives stuck inside

Where Are You My Surgeon?
When will you come?
Are You Skilled Enough?
Are You Clever Enough?
It's okay
Fly Away Surgeon

These knives you see
her hands her fingers stuck inside my soul
these knives
beguile my smile, my beaming smile
my big shiny eyes
my idiotic brain
that can't count
doesn't know left from right
can't hold maps - clueless on maps

Has a map
of her body
and my little 6 year old body

Camera eye shots
my eye level you see
it's my eye level
These pictures fragmented shards of stabbing
glass in my brain it doesn't work - it hurts

But my Lovers
I See All of You
I See All Your Body
How Glorious
and all of my body
it's my eye level
you see
it's grown
it's my eye level - it's taller
Your NOT segmented broken fragmented distorted images
Your Body Is Whole
Your Big Strong Chest
Those Beautiful Muscular Arms I Love to Kiss - I cling onto
Those strange flat nipples my lips envelop
My body you hold
Your Body I caress

My Word - Good God
Why the Discordance?

My 7 year old
my 8 year old memories
fragmented pictures
of her strange knifing body
cutting my body

Behold my Lovers Kiss
Dreamy Big Eyes
Strong Chest
Beautiful Sanctum Arms
Gorgeous Hair
Kind Loving Hands
Your Sweet Tender Thighs - I snuggle into
and Tall Strong Yummy Phallus
Oh Yes Plesse!

But it's okay my Surgeon
Who ever you are?
Where ever you are?
You may go you're not wanted you're not welcome
The Door is Locked
Have you the Key?
Do you want the Key?
Are you skilled enough?
Are you clever enough?
Happy enough?

These knives her hands
my Hands betrayed
My Body
My Mind

Hello Grim, my friend, Where art thou sweet slumbering sting
My mate....Shall we go for a walk?
Lets meander through this blood stained field
Stomp our way across
All smiling
Pretending there's no distorted fragmented pictures

As if ?

It's only
Time and Memories
So What ?

But That What ....
Is Heart and Power
Now What ?