Haunting Poems

Sunshine Spiders

Blood stained scattered brewing rain
Pinches sunlight from it's maze
Forging alliances with Humans and Beasts
Of crawlies creepy Shunning the Earth
Instead Making Out In Our Beds
Crawling - Creepily Rising - Chasing Limbed Mammalian Prey
Crawlies creepily dine, slurping Human blood.

Sun Worshippers Kiss of Death
Is Kismet with Arachnid's Killing Sting
Whilst Glorious Snow Sadly Peters
Wind and Rain Exhilaratingly Scream
Power Upon Power

Burnt Scorched Sunlit Doom
Is a searing SOS Cry
Of Birds, Butterflies, Ladybirds and the Honourable Honey Bees
For Limbed Mammalians - Callously Coldly
In Selfish Horror
Perpetuate Plague and Pestilence
And Stealingly Swipe
The Reapers Scythe
To These Beloved Species

All Things Bright and Beautiful
Not Hymned No More - See
All Creatures Great and Small
All Things Wise and Wonderful Fall
Calling Perilously To Their Maker
For Sunlit Selfish Sun - Worshippers Songs
Spells Revelation.